Those driving from the south (Indianapolis) on I-69, should take Exit 222. Go north on Martin Luther King Drive and follow the red arrows on the map through downtown Anderson going north on Jackson St. Those approaching from the north take Exit 234. Go west on SR 32 through Chesterfield to Anderson. Do not turn south at Scatterfield Road with SR 32, but continue west through the Anderson University campus to downtown Anderson, as indicated on the map. Turn north on Jackson St. at the traffic light.

Proceed north on Jackson St. Take the curve to the right and immediatly look for the 360' radio tower on your left as seen in the photo below.

Turn left at the sign reading "Madison County Criminal Justice Center." Upon entering the parking lot, turn right at the stop sign and follow the road at the end of the parking lot as shown on the map below. Enter the door by the red "X" seen in the photo above.

Those with two-meters may call on 146.82 for help as well.

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